Investment Properties:
I have owned an Investment property since 2001. This homes has appreciated by about 35% and I have had positive cash flow the entire 12 years!  Additionally, the renters have been paying down my mortgage and I have had tax advantages by owning this property. I purchased a second rental house 5 years ago and have had great success with this property too.  I really think that Real Estate should be part of everyone's retirement plan!

In 2013 I helped sell 11 College condominiums that generate great cash flow! I usually have 1 "For Sale" or I have an owner getting ready to sell.  For about $110,000 you can generate over $8,000 per year in positive cash flow. 

Additionally, I have purchased 5 Foreclosures and resold them over the years.  I know the Foreclosure process well and helped several investors purchase Foreclosures in 2013.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of Investors looking for deals and the number of Foreclosures is down significantly.  Therefore, it is difficult to find a Foreclosure in this current market.  I can set-up a search that will notify you the minute that a new Foreclosure hits the market so that we can bid on it before others!